Conversational Business English

We believe in practical and enjoyable learning experiences. Our tailored lessons help professionals communicate confidently in the workplace using conversational business English. We specialize in helping students improve their professional speaking fluency.

Our lessons cover various advanced industry topics, including technology, startups, finance, marketing, human resources, engineering, biotech, healthcare, and more. We also incorporate topics related to students' interests, such as history, psychology, politics, travel, work-life balance, health and fitness, sports, philosophy, hobbies, science, and astronomy.

During our lessons, we assist students with pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms, ensuring they sound professional and articulate. Our classes cater to all levels of English proficiency.

Our conversational teaching style encourages learning while talking, as in real-world situations. We take a practical approach, ensuring that students actively engage in conversation to build speaking fluency, boost confidence, and learn new words and phrases.

Our Values

We believe that learning should be practical and relevant to our students’ interests and industries. This means designing lessons that focus on real-world scenarios and challenges, incorporating hands-on learning activities, and encouraging students to apply what they’ve learned to their work or personal lives.

"English proficiency is essential in today's job market, and Oppenwyse helped me improve my speaking skills in a way that was tailored to my needs."

Cristian Roa 

Rio Tinto, Geotechnical Engineer


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