About Us

At Oppenwyse, we are a leading online business English school specializing in providing personalized conversational English lessons to professionals, entrepreneurs, and university students worldwide.

With over a decade of experience, we have successfully trained individuals from diverse industries, including Business, Finance and Banking, Technology, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Legal Services, Energy and Utilities, and many more.

We firmly believe that effective communication in English is the cornerstone of success in today's interconnected and globalized world.

Our tailored English language lessons go beyond language mastery and focus on building the confidence, speaking fluency, and communication skills necessary for thriving in both your professional and personal life.

Our dynamic and interactive classes employ personalized conversational teaching techniques, ensuring that you learn by actively engaging in topics of conversation relevant to your industry, job role, and personal interests.

With a practical approach to language usage in real-life scenarios, our customized business English lessons will equip you with the practical communication skills demanded by today's competitive job market.

With our personalized business English lessons and the help of our expert certified teachers, you will not only speak English fluently but also communicate effectively and confidently in any situation.

Join us today and embark on a journey to enhance your professional English language skills and achieve your communication goals.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality, personalized professional English lessons that expand knowledge, promote critical thinking, and help students achieve their professional language learning goals.

Our Values

We are dedicated to personalizing lessons to each student’s unique needs and profession, unlocking their language learning potential, and promoting professional growth with personalized attention and support.

"Oppenwyse helped me improve my communication skills, making me feel more confident at work. "

Maria Luisa 

Agilent, Biologist 


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