Business English Training

Enhance your professional communication skills with our personalized online business English classes. Our expert certified English teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve your professional business English communication goals.

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Conversational English

Enhance your professional speaking fluency, gain confidence, and excel in your career with our personalized business English classes. Engaging topics for your industry and job role.

Interview Training

Strengthen your professional interview skills for your specific job role. Develop English speaking proficiency and confidence with our personalized business English interview training.

Email and Writing

Develop your skills in writing impactful business emails with our specialized business English training, ensuring accurate and professional communication.


Elevate your business presentations with Oppenwyse. Develop effective communication and presentation skills in English for impactful meetings and presentations.

Debate Topics

Enhance your professional business English proficiency by engaging in interesting debate topics, improving critical thinking, and learning industry-specific vocabulary.

Storytelling Techniques

Develop your storytelling skills for business with Oppenwyse. Advance your professional English language skills through personalized online training to connect with your audience effectively.

"The ability to speak English fluently is not just a competitive advantage, it's a necessity for anyone seeking to succeed in today's globalized world."

Esther Olsen

LinkedIn, Marketing Manager


Achieve your professional communication goals with our personalized business English training.

Oppenwyse is dedicated to providing quality personalized online business English lessons that expand industry knowledge and critical thinking skills specific to your profession. Join us today and achieve your professional language communication goals with our online business English classes.


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